Buyer Tips

The Home Buying Process

Step 1 – Find A Realtor

Why? They answer your questions, represent your best interest vs. the sellers and it’s FREE for you.

Step 2 – Pre – Approval

Meet with a lender to determine the max loan amount you are approved for. Preliminary documents required: W-2s, pay stub, bank statements & tax returns.

Step 3 – Find A Home

Communicate your wants & needs to your Realtor, so that they can show you homes that fit your current needs.

Step 4 – Make An Offer

Your Realtor will negotiate on your behalf to get your offer accepted.

Step 5 – Open Escrow

Your lender will work on getting your loan approved, while your Realtor takes care of the rest. Prepare to read & sign many documents.

Step 6 – Inspection

Home inspection will be conducted by a professional home inspector. You will receive a list of repairs that may or may not need to be addressed.

Step 7 – Appraisal 

Professional home appraiser will determine the value of the home. This is important, as it can potentially affect your loan.

Step 8 – Request for Repairs

Inspection may reveal repairs that incur more costs. You will have an opportunity to request that the seller either makes these repairs or covers the cost.

Step 9 – Contingency Removal 

All contingencies for this sale will be removed. Loan approval will be one of these contingencies, confirming that you are ready to close.

Step 10 – Final Walk-Through

Walk through the property with your Realtor to ensure that It is in the same condition and repairs have been made. 

Step 11 – Close of Escrow

You are officially a NEW homeowner and your Realtor will deliver you your keys!


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