It’s hard enough keeping yourself entertained for days at a time when you’re stuck indoors, but it becomes even more challenging when you have an entire family to look after. We’ve come up with some fun, family-friendly activities suitable for all ages to keep you and your family in good spirits—and they can all be done from the comfort of your home!

Start a Garden

If you’re one of many that owns a piece of McLean real estate with a large front lawn or backyard, then you have the perfect opportunity to start a garden. Pick the right spot to place it and decide what you want to grow there together. 

Not only is gardening a fun way for you and your family to get a little fresh air, but it also allows you the chance to create a learning opportunity for your kids. Teach them about what it takes to nurture a garden from bulb to bloom. 

If you grow fruits and vegetables, they can relish a chance to cook a meal together using their homegrown produce. 

Perform a Play

Flex those creative muscles and find a script online for you and your family to perform! This activity is great for anyone with kids who love roleplaying or dressing up. Use things you have around the house to create props and costumes. 

A white sheet makes a great simple backdrop. If you’re feeling ambitious, you and your family can even paint landscapes on different sheets to change scenery. Make sure you film the whole thing to keep!  

Host a Movie Marathon

We’re living in the golden age of streaming right now, and thankfully, many family-friendly films are right at our fingertips. Try hosting a movie marathon for a night while you’re stuck indoors. Each member of the family can pick a movie and then everyone can vote on their top two choices. 

Disney Plus is an excellent option for those who want to ensure their choices are a good fit for family members of all ages. Plus, there are a lot of tasty restaurants delivering right now—order a meal from GrubHub or DoorDash and skip cooking for the night. It’ll be like an indoor cinema café!

Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles provide an opportune learning experience for both adults and kids. Not only is it healthier for their minds to work on something challenging like a puzzle instead of watching hours of television, but it also builds logic-solving skills. 

Plus, jigsaw puzzles will last you for days if they’re complicated enough. Only work on it for a few hours a day so no one gets too frustrated. When you complete it, everyone will get to relish in a sweet sense of accomplishment. 

Play Board Games

Most people own at least a few board games. Many of us keep them in a closet somewhere and rarely ever play them. If you’re stuck indoors, this is a perfect opportunity to blow off the dust on your old game of Clue and get the whole family involved in the fun. Add a rule that no one can be on their phone to make game time even more immersive. 

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